EA Stallion Safe Practise Guidelines

In the interests of public safety Equestrian Australia (EA), with the assistance of the National Sport Committees, has developed the following Stallion Safe Practise Guidelines for the management of stallions at competitions and public venues.

Equestrian Australia also recommends events and organisations adopt the following set of guidelines for the handling of stallions.

  1. Stallions should wear official 'discs' at all times whilst at the venue. These discs are to be worn on both sides of head collars and bridles or on some part of the horse on both sides to identify to others that the horse is a stallion.
  2. No stallion is to be moved around a venue without displaying the stallion discs and a suitable restraint. The restraint can be a bridle, an anti-rearing bit or a chain lead rein over the nose or under the jaw.
  3. Where possible all stallions are to be stabled. If suitable stabling is not available stallions need to wear a collar, which is securely tied to the outside of a truck or trailer. Stallions tied to the outside of a truck or trailer MUST be supervised at all times.
  4. Stallions may be substituted in prize-giving ceremonies with another horse should the rider deem it to be safer.
  5. It is recommended that riders and handlers of stallions at shows be over the age of 17 years; however, it is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to understand the full code of conduct for stallions at events. With the exception of rule 1.1.8 in the Show Horse Rules and Guidelines, stallions are not permitted in Show Horse classes at EA State or Championship events. All riders/handlers under the age of 17 years must be supervised by an adult/parent/guardian whilst at the event.
  6. It is the stallion owner's/rider's responsibility to ensure that all possible safety precautions are taken.
  7. Floats/Trucks that transport stallions should display the official
 magnet giving notice that there is a stallion on board.

These guidelines are consistent with Equestrian Australia's focus on improving safety by identifying risks and putting in place measures to mitigate those risks.


Stallion Discs are available for purchase from the Equestrian Australia National Office (only the approved discs will be permitted).