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Posted by Corinne Wilson on 18/06/2018.

Pony Measuring | A reminder from the FEI

The FEI Veterinary Department kindly reminds you that, from 1st January 2018, the FEI can carry out unannounced pony measuring at any FEI pony competitions.

Please inform all your athletes, PRs and trainers who are concerned accordingly. The pony measuring can take place before or after the horse inspection according to our Veterinary Regulations that you can find here: 


For your information, if a pony is measured out at the initial measurement it can come back after one hour for a second measurement. When a pony is measured out at the second measurement, he cannot participate in any FEI pony competition. However the PR can request an appeal measurement to the FEI Veterinary Department within 7 days of the conclusion of the event.



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