Transferring a Horse

Steps on Transferring Your Horse - FEE $110

  • You must be a current financial member.
  • The back of the original horse registration form will need to be signed by the previous owner (relinquishing ownership) and the new owner (acknowledging ownership).
  • You must send in the ORIGINAL certificate of horse registration, along with payment.
  • If the Competition Licence needs to be re-validated, this is at an extra cost.
  • All interstate transfers require the ORIGINAL horse registration certificates forwarded to our office with payment.
  • If you are transferring your membership from another state to Victoria, you must transfer all horses that you own to Victoria. Original horse registration certificates MUST be sent to our office.
  • If you do not have the original Horse Registration certificates you will need to complete a sworn statement

If you wish to pay by credit card please print off the following credit card authorisation form

writeable Credit Card Authorisation 2016 2017.pdf

2016-17 Sworn Statement

2016 2017 Fees