EV Chair 2016 Report

Welcome to the 2016 Equestrian Victoria Annual General Meeting.

The past year has included both the highs and excitement of the Rio Olympic Games with Victorian, Sam Griffiths being a member of the bronze medal winning team and fourth place individually; and the lows of the tragic accidents of two young eventing riders.

Throughout the year my colleagues on the Board, all of whom are volunteers, have donated an enormous amount of time and skills to the organisation. It’s been a pleasure to work with this dedicated group of highly capable people.

The significant contribution made by the staff of Equestrian Victoria cannot be overlooked. The commitment, passion and dedication they have for our organisation is to be commended as they strive to deliver the best possible service to our members.

Our amazing volunteers make Equestrian Victoria unique in the running and hosting of high caliber events for all disciplines. An untold number of people help in a myriad of ways but without these unsung heroes these fabulous events and squads would not be possible. The organisation would be in a very different place without this amazing group of volunteers.

I cannot thank you all enough.

It is with pleasure that we are able to release the Audited 2016 Financial Statement for Equestrian Victoria.

For the second year in a row Equestrian Victoria has posted a profit, which has resulted in the net equity being returned to a positive status of $116,456, after a long series of financial losses.

This turnaround is a result of an enormous amount of work to rein in costs in all areas and to become more efficient and effective. All our Event committees have produced amazing events on tight budgets to ensure the financial sustainability of EV.

Some events were held under incredibly tough conditions, which included the Australian Show Jumping Championships, held in the wettest three days in one hundred years; however the proactive committee constantly adapted and tweaked to the conditions and ran an amazing show of international standard. MI3DE ran under the tireless leadership of Janet Houghton. Her dedicated committee had great focus on risk mitigation following the tragic accidents earlier in the year and this has been talked about all over the country.

We have continued to work on our four main strategic pillars, which included membership, communication, financial responsibility and WPNEC.

Membership enjoyed a 7.5% growth overall in the last year. Communication has been assisted by a small grant to employ a digital media specialist to assist with all digital communications including the website, social media and the newsletter. The bookkeeping and accounting have been outsourced and our accounts continue to be scrutinised and refined. We are aiming to return to having a financial reserve, and then increase the range of opportunities and member service offerings, though we have already been able to appoint co-ordinators for the disciplines to help us to provide our members with better and more efficient service.

We have continued to work with the Victorian Polo Club, who along with EV, share joint tenancy of the venue. A grant was obtained to survey Victorian equestrian facilities and users. The response to a survey of our members exceeded 25% and preliminary reports have shown that there is an overwhelming desire to have WPNEC maintained and redeveloped as a peak Centre for Equestrian Activities.

Meetings with Parks Victoria have advanced and the document for lease renewal is anticipated to be presented by late January 2017.

The last two years have taken an enormous amount of time and energy by a large number of people, and I would like to thank each person for their tireless work, support and amazing contribution. A heart felt thank you to each and every member who has contributed in a positive way and for your ongoing support to this wonderful organisation. It is the collaborative encouragement for each and everyone's success that has produced these results.

Ingrid Green
Equestrian Victoria Chair


Download all Board and Discipline Reports:

EV AGM Report_2016.pdf