Eventing Chair Report 2016

In sitting down to write my report I looked back at the goals that we wrote down at our Strategic Planning meeting in 2015.

Strengthening Relationships with Riders

I feel the Committee are very proactive in responding to questions and requests for help from riders. Through squads, email, social media, phone calls and more importantly face to face at events. Open and honest discussion is welcome at all times. We had a request from a lower level rider to trial a grassroots section at our State Championships. It was a huge success and one that we will encourage Organising Committees to consider including in their events for next year.

Assist with the Smooth Running of Competitons Across Victoria and Support Organising Committees. Look at Risk/Crisis Management.

We have a Calendar Meeting twice a year to discuss timetabling as well as assisting the Organising Committees with the appointment of officials, medical support and the qualification & registration checks of horses & riders. We are in the process of creating a dedicated drop down box for Organising Committees on the Eventing website that will have all the documentation need to help with running their event. We have just run an informative Risk Management Seminar for O.C’s to help them cover this critical aspect of their event planning.

Thanks David May & Judy Croagh.

Eventing Levy Trust/Medical Levy

We introduced the Eventing Levy in September 2015 so we have had a full 12 months. Organising Committees have now been invited to submit applications for funds by the end of October. We are looking forward to being able to put money back into our sport through Organising Committees and the training of our officials.

Eventing Committee to Run Two Events:- Melbourne 3DE and State Champs for 2016 (and then there was Tooradin!)

All of these events were an enormous success and could not happen without countless hours of voluntary labour provided by your Eventing Committee. There is so much behind the scenes work that goes on.

We ran a last minute event in October 2015 having already run Melbourne 3 Day Event & our Spring Horse Trials because Tooradin had to cancel. This year’s Melbourne was better than 2015 and next year with the Diamond Anniversary (60 years) and both Senior and Young Rider Oceania Teams competing it will be huge!

State Championships also managed to dodge the worst of the weather and run successfully this year at CIC following requests from riders for a FEI event in the spring season.

Eventing Staff

Karen Amore is our Eventing Administrator in the Equestrian Victoria office. She is a constant support for me, the committee and for all things Eventing, (the ever smiling voice on the end of the office phone). Bridget Croagh stepped in as Eventing Coordinator during a very difficult time for me personally and I will always be incredibly grateful for her bright can-do attitude and the hard work she did during her time at the helm.

Our new Eventing Coordinator is no stranger to most of you. Lynne Brown runs BSP Scoring, has had a long involvement with Yeringberg Horse Trials, maintains the requalification data base for Equestrian Victoria on a voluntary basis and also sits on a subcommittee of the National Eventing Committee looking into safety. Lynne’s role will include checking entries and uploading results as well as helping me timetable Squad, (this last role may be news to her!!!).

Invest in Officials and Convene Forums, Seminars and Opportunities for Professional Development

We recognised the fact that in Victoria we were losing some of our valuable officials due to retirement. Judy Croagh with the support of the committee has been encouraging, recruiting & supporting our officials. We ran a discussion group at the State Horse Trials for TD’s, Stewards, Ground Jurors and Will Enzinger spoke on behalf of the riders and as Chair of the National Eventing Committee.

This forum was such a positive approach to sharing information and seeing things from another perspective that we will definitely do it on a regular basis. There will be a 3/4 FEI course at Melbourne in 2017 and we are trying to get a 1/2 course also in Australia next year for National Officials that wish to take their initial step into FEI.

Squads and Review of HP Criteria

The Squads have been growing at a very pleasing rate. The introduction of the Development Squad has been successful in exposing a lot more riders to our Squad program.

Our High Performance Program recognises both National and State funded riders through reduced tuition at squads & all squad riders get support at National 3 Day Events. These funded squads are updated every 6 months in line with National Squad announcements. Prydes and Equissage continue to be valued sponsors of our Senior & Young Rider Squads.

In closing I look back on 2016 with mixed emotions. Whilst Australian Eventing celebrates a fantastic result at the Olympic Games we also remember two beautiful souls lost participating in the sport that we love. #twohearts

It is the support of the dedicated and amazing group of people who make up the Eventing Committee that keeps me going forward no matter what. NOTHING we have achieved this year would have been possible without them. Each and every one gives their all to the sport of Eventing - selflessly, tirelessly and endlessly.

Somehow, "thank-you" just doesn’t seem enough.

Janet Houghton
Eventing Chair


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