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Young Horse Talent Identification Events 2014

The benchmark events will be marked as 'Talent Identification Events

Established as an important enterprise to develop young horses for the future, the annual series is open to six, seven and eight year old jumping horses.

The series of events will identify jumping horses for the future within a performance framework, where horse and rider combinations are put under the constraints of the high-level benchmark competitions.

To achieve this vision the series of qualifying events will be held across six states of Australia between January and mid-September culminating in a final, to be held at the Shepparton World Cup in November.

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Developing the Jumping Industry

The series is modelled on the European Breeding Jumping Championships for Young Horses. It is hoped the relationship between sport, breeding and the trade will over time encourage worldwide interest, showcasing horses through appropriate international benchmark events.

Horses from across the worldwide studbooks will be represented within Equestrian Australia's Young Horse Talent Identification Series. Jumping riders, owners and breeders have the opportunity to compare the merit of the up-and-coming generation of equine jumping stars.

The prestigious events will be set as milestones in young horses careers, the riders gain status, the best breeding lines and breeders are represented and future high performance horses are identified.

Age of Horses

The qualifying rounds in 2014 will be conducted across the states between January and the second week in September 2014.

The event is open to horses whose ages are as per the Australian determination of age i.e. horse's birthday 1st August 2013.

Horses can compete past their change of age at 1st August 2014 through until the final championship competitions. E.g. a 6 year old horse which becomes 7 years of age on 1st August 2014 can continue in the 6 year old series qualifiers and final.

The 2015 Futures Squad will then comprise 7, 8 and 9 year old horses.

The 2016 Young Horse Talent Identifications Series will commence October 2014 and run through until September 2015.

Competition Criteria

This initiative by Equestrian Australia, in consultation with the National Jumping Committee and State Jumping Committees defines specific benchmarks and criteria for age groups:

6-year-old 1.25m/1.30m (Final and 2015 Futures Squad for 7 year olds)

7-year-old 1.30m/1.35m (Final and 2015 Futures Squad for 8 year olds)

8-year-old 1.30/1.45m (Final and 2015 Futures Squad for 9 year olds)

  • These Benchmark events will reflect the high performance of competition in terms of delivery, general criteria and course parameters.
  • Two qualifying competitions to be held at a state committee defined premier jumping event in consultation with the OC (NSW, Qld, SA, Vic, WA, and one for Tas).
  • Qualifying events to be conducted between January and 7th September
  • States should ensure that each designated qualifying event conducts the three age classes, 6,7 and 8 year old.
  • Qualifying classes can be part of an existing height competition as long as course parameters are met. I.e. 6 year old TIE can be part of a 1.25m-1.30m class
  • Programs must include information in regards to horse's breeding (Sire and dam's sire) and the breeder's details, along with the name of the registered owner of the horse.
  • Riders and horses are not limited to compete in the state they are registered in. Riders and horses can compete in qualifying events in any state.
  • Combinations qualified for the finals will be deemed from the top 6 placed combinations in each state qualifying round however combinations must have jumped with eight (8) penalties or less in the first round of a qualifying competition.
  • The top placed six (6) combinations within each age group at the final will automatically be included in the 2015 Futures Squad. High performance support for squads will include access to training clinics, assistance in individual development planning, and access to equine educational support services.
  • National Selection Panel will, in addition to the 18 performance determined (six from each age division) young horses for the 2015 Futures Squad, have the option to choose six (6) wildcard young horses (7,8 OR 9 year old) at the conclusion of the finals. However, wildcard horses for the 2015 Futures Squad must have competed in at least one (1) qualifying event anywhere within Australia in 2014.

Talent Identification Final

A format for the final will be determined with details to be confirmed.

2015 Futures Squad

The Futures Squad for 2015 will comprise the top 6 placed horses from each age group from the TIE series final event. The National Selection Panel will have the option to nominate a further 6 combinations in total from any of the age groups for the squad, however the combinations must have participated in at least one Talent Identification Event qualifying round in any state throughout the season.

Event Organisers: click HERE for event terms and conditions.