Information on new FEI tests

Information on New FEI Tests

The FEI has released revised Intermediate II, Grand Prix and Grand Prix Special Dressage tests for

They have also developed two new tests being new Intermediate A and Intermediate B tests as a
result of the FEI Dressage Forum held in April 2013 and a decision from the FEI Dressage Committee to develop. These new tests are designed to be a bridge between Intermediate I and Intermediate II, similar to the EA Big Tour Entry Level Test.

Just to remind you B level judges are limited to Intermediate I. The Intermediate A & B are
a bridge between Intermediate 1 and Intermediate II and shall be judged by A level judges.
The tests have been adopted as national tests.

Note that the PSG 2009 and Intermediate I 2009 will still be current tests into 2014.
The ADC has adopted all of these tests as national EA tests effective 1.1.14 and the 2014 Rule Book will reflect this.

A link will be placed on EA website under Dressage /Tests tab to the FEI website. If you want to
have a look at them in the meantime they can be found here. FEI Dressage Test 

New EA tests from January 1st (link to ea ''Rules and Regs-Dressage'') 

There is a separate page of equipment allowed and not allowed on the EA website with photos that
are not in the rule book. Below is a link to the page (Link to EA ''equipment and clothing that is allowed/disallowed for dressage'')