Jumping Victoria | February 2017

Over the past 3 months Jumping Victoria has facilitated the following activities, in support of their ongoing commitment to sustainable development within the sport of Showjumping.


  • A change in insurance requirements during 2015 meant coaches must train at their accredited level or purchase top up insurance.  Most of our current jumping coaches were accredited as Level 1 (maximum 90cm) and we have facilitated training and assessment programs in 2016-17 to encourage coaches to promote to Level 2 as majority were training over 90cm.   
  • Through this coaching promotion, we also have interest from new jumping coaches to undertake their coaching accreditation and are currently assisting them to get started with this process.
  • We have a Coaching training/assessment day scheduled for 14 March 2017 with Sue Leslie.  This will facilitate coaching assessment for both Level 2 Jumping specialist and Level 1 coaches involved in Jumping. 

Junior and Young Rider support and development 

  • Nominations for State, Development and Squadettes training program have been released with nominations currently being received and closing date 20th March
  • Nominations for Squad Coaches have been released and to date we have received nominations.  These close early March with the Jumping Vic committee to select coaches at 7th March meeting.
  • A Junior and YR Squad website is currently being developed by Corinne at EV.  Hygain have been approached about how they would like to be incorporated as a sponsor on this website.
  • We are running a Squad on 18-19 March for current Squad members.
  • A Squad show was conducted in December with Squad challenge events, which was well supported and offered a training day on the Saturday.  Matt Williams attended the show as a guest coach, he talked to squad riders on the Saturday night; this was a great way to finish the Squad on a high for 2016.
  • The NZ Team Trans-Tasman challenge event is scheduled for this year on the 30th July in conjunction with the Squad open show.  Hygain have been approached to sponsor this event.  Penny Tapley on behalf of NZ committee has suggested sending across an NZ Junior team as well as the NZ Young Rider team for the event.  This will be a great enhancement to the event and added participation opportunities for our members also. 

Officials Clinics 

We are offering the following regional clinics this year.

  • 20-21 May - Mildura – Course Design with Alf Parsons
  • 27-28 May – Sale – Judging with Anne Garner and Course Design with Alf Parsons
  • Shepparton date to be confirmed for Judges and Course Design weekend
  • We are developing a Course Design Resource for officials at Intro- Level 1 to be released by April.
  • EA Stewards clinic to be held at WPNEC on 17-18 June in conjunction with Jumping Squad weekend. 

Rider Clinics

  • Jumping clinics held at WPNEC with Matt Williams were conducted on 16th December 2016 and 7th and 8th January 2017, these were well supported by members.
  • An EOI for an Open jumping squad 2017 was released on Facebook in February with very positive interest by members. This squad aimed at bringing members back into EV and providing a support network for more competitive riders.  Details on the criteria and running of this squad are currently being finalised.


  • National Jumping Committee – new committee members selected are currently with the EA board to be approved, with names to be released soon.
  • Results for jumping competitions are currently problematic, often relying on Organising committees instead of judges to send in the results in a both timely and completed format, which is often inconsistent and incomplete. 

Elite Riders

  • Congratulations to Jasmine Dennison who was selected out of a field of 28 nominations, to compete on the National Young Rider Team in New Zealand in January, the Team won their event.
  • Aquis Gold Challenge Tour Event being conducted in April requested Victorian team entry, criteria stated for 3 team members only. 

Selectors nominated: 
Brooke Dobbin, Ally Lamb and Andrew Lamb.
Reserve: Brett Hickey