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Why use EA NCAS Coaches

Since 1983 EA has trained Australia's best Equestrian Coaches via the Federal Government's National Coaching Accreditation Scheme (NCAS). Today EA has accredited coaches shaping future Equestrians in all disciplines. EA NCAS Coaches are endorsed by the Equine Industry, the Sports Industry and the Federal Government.

Your safety is important, therefore all EA NCAS coaches undergo training in safety and risk management and all coaches must always have a current first aid certificate and be insured.

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Becoming a Coach

EA provides courses and training for people wishing to pursue a career as an 'Equestrian Sport Coach' under the auspices of the Australian Sports Commission's NCAS program.

Being an EA NCAS Coach is a challenging and rewarding career choice and the EA NCAS qualifications enable a person to coach athletes within the spectrum of EA competition - Eventing, Jumping, Dressage, Vaulting, Show Horse and Carriage Driving.

Prior to beginning a career as an EA NCAS Coach, the EA suggests that any interested person contact a registered EA Coach Educator to gain insight and understanding about the industry.

Most EA coaches operate on a freelance basis, charging for services. EA Coaches tend to stay accredited for many years - testament to the enjoyment that being an EA Coach can provide.

To see what each coach does, please refer to the table on the coaching page, or click here.