Reining Our Resilience - Tip Number 1

TIP NO. 1️⃣ "Mindfulness Meditation"

This extraordinary situation we find ourselves in has given us all one thing in common – more time.

So, what better way to spend some of our time than doing some Mindfulness Meditation.

Meditation is a technique designed to help us manage stress, anxiety, fatigue, and burnout.

Mindfulness refers to a psychological state in which individuals experience an awareness of objects in their immediate environment, as well as their current thoughts and feelings.

People who practice Mindfulness develop greater self-esteem, concentration, emotional intelligence, and resilience.

- Every hour or so, please sit quietly for a few minutes with your eyes closed and focus your attention on your breath.

- Then, direct your attention towards your surroundings. What can you hear, what do you smell, what can you taste, and how does your body feel?

- Now focus on your emotions, and thoughts. Take deep breaths and with each breath think about being calm, comfortable and peaceful.

Access a Mindfulness Meditation recording, or use our suggested one here, to guide your 5-minute session.…/Mindfulness-180219.mp3

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