Reining Our Resilience - Tip Number 4

Tip No 4️⃣ “Daily 3-Task Challenge"

In uncertain times it is important to maintain, or create, a sense of routine to help anchor ourselves to. Starting our day with 3 challenging tasks also helps us overtime to maintain effort and motivation, building our strength and resilience.

- At the same time each morning, spend about 30 minutes performing 3 challenging tasks that demand considerable effort and concentration:
1. Engage in a challenging physical task e.g. Brush your teeth with the wrong hand, get dressed faster than usual or time yourself when making your bed
2. Read articles or books as rapidly as possible i.e. create a pile of articles or books that you find meaningful or interesting, and each morning read an excerpt as rapidly as you can.
3. Think as rapidly as possible i.e. identify a set of problems that you need to solve (big or small). Each morning select a problem and brainstorm as many solutions as possible – they don’t have to be the best solutions – just think swiftly and list as many as you can for a few minutes.

These tasks have been proven to improve mood by increasing levels of dopamine – the reward brain chemical, relieve anxiety through routine and predictability and increase happiness.

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