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Do I need a COVIDSafe PLAN?

Yes. Community Sport and Recreation workplaces must have a Community Sport and Recreation COVIDSafe Plan which is specifically tailored to this sector.  The plan supports your club or event in preventing the spread of COVID-19 and applies the Six principles of COVIDSafe workplaces. COVIDSafe Plans must be regularly reviewed to ensure they are current and reflect the latest advice.  


In particular, those running Hospitality or Indoor events should be aware of settings applicable at the time of your event. The following links will take you to the government website for the latest information:

Download your COVIDSafe Plan Template below:

What to do and how to create a COVIDSafe Plan

Your plan must set out:

  • The actions you will take to prevent the introduction of Coronavirus (COVID-19) to your club, venue or event.
  • The type of face mask or personal protective equipment (PPE) your workforce/volunteers need.
  • How you will prepare for and respond to a suspected or confirmed case of Coronavirus (COVID-19) in your club, venue or at your event.

Meeting the requirements set out by the Victorian Government.

  • Only one plan is required per club and/or event. You do not need a different plan for each event. However, you must ensure it is FLEXIBLE and UPDATED in line with the COVIDSafe settings that apply at that the time.
  • You do not need to submit it to the government for approval any more. However, we request that you send your COVIDSafe Plan to Equestrian Victoria (using the form linked below). This will ensure that we have your plans on file if requested at any time by the Government.
  • Your documented plan must be
    -  on hand at all times
    -  made accessible to all staff/volunteers
    -  presented to Government officers if required
    -  flexible and continually updated

Sending Your COVIDSafe Plans to EV

Although you do not need to submit your COVIDSafe Plan to the government, you do need to send a copy to Equestrian Victoria so that we have it on file at all times. You do NOT need to send a Plan for each event. You are only required to re-send if current COVIDSafe Settings impact and therefore change your submited Plan.


Display Posters & Templates 

The Victorian Government has provided a range of posters for you to display, along with some useful templates and advice when dealing with cutomers. These posters will be familiar to anyone coming to your event as they are utilised throughout the community and are designed to make it easier to operate and advertise that your event is running with COVIDSafe settings. 

The links below will take you directly to the resources available on the Coronavirus Website:

Government Definition of Community Sport 

What is the difference between community sport and physical recreation?

Community sport refers to competitions and training for the purpose of competition overseen by a state sporting association or equivalent governing body, such as country football and netball competitions overseen by AFL Victoria and Netball Victoria. This includes entry level programs (for example AusKick and Cricket Blast), ‘come and try’ days run by state sporting associations or equivalent governing bodies, as well as training for coaches and umpires.

Physical recreation is any other activity that is not associated with competition or training for competitions overseen by a state sporting association or equivalent governing body, including non-competitive casual sport and social play, community events (such as ParkRun), self-defence classes, and fitness and gym classes.

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