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Posted by Equestrian Victoria on 12/08/2015.

Dressage Levy supports Officials

It was drawn to my attention recently that some members were unaware that the increased Dressage Levy of $1 per test went directly to support the training of the Officials in our sport in Victoria.
The education of Judges and Stewards is a time consuming and costly business willingly undertaken by DJEP and Senior Stewards. In the last couple of years Equestrian Victoria has needed to rein in costs in all aspects of its operations including the education of Officials. Many Educators have donated their time and money to continue this important work. We are very grateful for their generosity.
Earlier this year Dressage Victoria increased the Dressage Levy to $2 per test so that this important work can be funded directly by the activity they serve. So each time an EA accredited judge scores a test in a DV competition they are earning the funds to directly pay for the education of more judges. When an EA Steward is helping the smooth operation of an event they too are contributing to their own further training.
That extra dollar per test will pay for approximately 4 Judges Seminars, a Stewards Seminar and a small number of random swabbings, all of which are designed to improve the quality of our Dressage events.

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