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Posted by Karen Amore on 23/07/2015.

Eventing Levy

Dear Members,

The Victorian Eventing Committee have been discussing the need to help develop and improve
Eventing in Victoria. We have many hard working committees running our CNC, CIC and CCI
competitions and doing a great job. We recognise that funding is needed to enable these clubs to
continue to update and help improve their competitions. Mechanisms like correct anchors for
portable cross country jumps and frangible pins are costly items but essential to improve the safety
for horses and riders.

We also have implemented through networking, clinics and clear pathways, support for Technical
Delegates, Course Designers, Judges and Stewards. Developing a strong pool of officials is critical to
keeping our sport moving forward.

We have established and maintained a standard for medical treatment at our Horse Trials which is
financed through the Medical Levy that you pay when you enter an event.

Fundraising is one way we have contributed in the past...this requires a lot of work by our already
over worked committee/volunteers for not always a huge profit.

We have looked at the other states and their programs and two months ago after much discussion
we passed a motion to rename the Medical Levy the Eventing Levy and increase it to $25 per horse.
This would be capped for riders with multiple entries at 3 horses per event. This motion was put to
the Equestrian Victoria Board last week and endorsed.
The money will go into the Eventing Trust Account which has already been set up to protect the
The allocation of funds will be administered by the Eventing Committee and more details will be
available after our strategic planning meeting on the 20th of July. It is my intention that this fund be
transparent and regular accounting statements to the membership regarding the income and
expenditure will available to all.

We realise this $10 increase will be a further cost to the competitors at our events and I know there
will be critics of this resolution. You might want to check the price of interstate events as they cost a
lot more.

Please support us in our endeavour to keep Eventing in Victoria at the top. All committees both
State and Organising are volunteers. There are no hidden perks, we give up hundreds of hours each
year in order for our sport to prosper and improve.

As the entries for Friends of Werribee are already well underway the Eventing Levy will come into
effect at all CNC, CIC & CCI events after the 1st September 2015.

Cheers Janet Houghton
Chair of Eventing

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