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Posted by Equestrian Victoria on 29/10/2014.

2014 Financial Statement

Please find  here the 2014 AGM Agenda along with written reports provided. Other reports were provided verbally and these will be published with the minutes over the next couple of days.

Find the 2014 audited financial statement here : Financial Report 2014

Commentary from EV on the financial statements here : Financial Report Notes 2014

Individual Event Profit & Loss Statements are here: Event Profit Loss Statements 2014

As per the motion accepted at the 2013 AGM, members are able to submit any questions they have in relation to the financials  to Greg Pratt the CEO of Equestrian Victoria, via email to [email protected]

Questions will be taken till the 12th November 2014 and then all questions with answers will be published and detailed on the website. We were not in a position to publish the financials prior to the AGM due to not receiving the report until the night of the meeting, so our apologies for this. 

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