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Posted by Equestrian Victoria on 24/11/2015.

Dressage Riders Meeting at the Dressage Festival

NOTICE OF RIDERS MEETING AT D.F. Thurs 10th, 5PM Indoor arena.Followed by the Welcome BBQ.

Some items on the Agenda are as follows:

Ingrid Green, Chair of EV will give a short talk on where she sees WP in 5-10 years and what direction is WP taking in the future.

-Michael Bragge, Chair of Dressage Victoria- short talk on the future of DV as he sees it.

-Snaffle bridle being allowed in GP?

I have recieved no requests at this stage for discussion points, maybe it means we are all pretty happy?

I would love some feed back?
Your thoughts, and any issues issues you would like raised. Always good to have a heads up so research can be done prior to meeting.

Cheers and Hope to see you there!

Vic Dressage Riders Rep

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