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Posted by Corinne Wilson on 04/03/2017.

Dressage Victoria Committee

Following the advertising for nominations for the five general positions on the Dressage Victoria Committee to the EV Membership, the EV Board were pleased to receive many well qualified nominees willing to give up their time and apply their skills to further develop the future of Victorian Dressage.

Given that we are looking to build a committee with a diverse range of skills, selecting five from this large group was not easy but the EV Board (excepting Michael Bragge who was excused from the whole process due to conflict of interest) are pleased to announce that the following people will be joining the committee of Dressage Victoria:

Louise Curran

Louise is the founder and principle of a national customer interaction and management training consultancy working with both corporates and individuals. She very successfully chaired the Board of a large independent school through a period of organisational change. Her extensive experience at assisting organisations to drive customer experience, retention and satisfaction as well her Board skills in governance, strategic development, community engagement and PR will be of great benefit to the future of dressage in Victoria.

Kristy-Lee Brilliant

Kristy-Lee is currently completing a law degree after moving to Victoria.
She brings a fresh perspective from her involvement with Dressage Queensland where she was assisted in the organisation of the CDI, QLD Festival of Dressage, Young Rider and AOR program introduction and development. Kristy-Lee is also on the Dressage Festival OC and manages the social media, communication and marketing for the event.

Melissa Cannon

Melissa has an extensive knowledge of the workings of Equestrian Australia having spent a period on the National Board. She was also responsible for bringing the hugely successful Carl Hester Masterclass event to Australia. Her extensive experience gained from banking background with the nab will be invaluable in assisting with strategic direction and financial viability.

Julia Battams

Julia’s knowledge, understanding and experience with international competition, para and high performance is unrivalled having had intensive involvement with the Australian teams at Kentucky WEG, Normandy WEG, London Para Olympics and Rio Olympics and Para Olympics.

Michael Bragge

Michael as the immediate past Chair of the DV Committee needs no introduction. His prior involvement has given him extensive experience at all levels ranging from club level to Board and the National Strategy Group.

To stagger the time of their reappointments in the future, two will be appointed for 1 year and three for 2 years.

The process was conducted in accordance with the Discipline Committee By-laws.

Under the By-laws, several positions on DV are predetermined as per 4.1(a) of Appendix A. These are:

ii. The representative from the “Officials Sub-Committee” (currently Jane Ventura as Chair of the DJEP)
iii. The representative from the “Selectors Sub-Committee” (currently Veronica Steward)
iv. The representative from the “Young Riders Squad Sub-Committee” (currently Jan Smith)
vii. The representative from the …major events committees (Event Director of DWTS and/or DF)

This leaves three sections as mentioned in the By-laws to be filled by other representatives.
The relevant sections are:

i. a maximum of five people appointed by the Board from nominations received through a process to be set by the Board (the people named above)
v. One representative nominated by the state Zones, Clubs … in a manner approved by the Board (yet to be appointed)
vi. Up to two people co-opted by other SDC members

The five new appointees will meet with the four ongoing committee members (and the yet be elected club’s representative), to consider the appointment of the remaining two co-opted positions. This will complete the new Dressage Victoria Committee.

The EV Board thanks all those Dressage members who offered their nomination for this important committee and wish this group well in their new roles.

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