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Posted by Equestrian Victoria on 20/11/2014.

Equestrian Victoria Discipline Chairs and New Board Members

The Equestrian Victoria Board met last night for the first time following the AGM and discipline committee meetings where the various discipline committee Chairs were appointed.

The discipline Chairs are:

Michael Bragge – Dressage
Paul Williams – Show Jumping
Mitchell Fox – Show Horse
Janet Houghton – Eventing

They join our member elected members of the Board being:

Ingrid Green
Derek O’Leary
David Shavin

The Board with regret accepted the resignation of the other member elected member in Maggie McDonell. The Board passes on its thanks for all the great work that Maggie has contributed to the Board of EV in the past, along with Barry Roycroft who also has left the Board via no longer being Eventing Chair.

The Board then elected as its Chair Ingrid Green. It also appointed David Shavin as Deputy Chair.

In addition the Board co opted Mark Reid to the Board also. We welcome Mark to this position. 

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