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Posted by Corinne Wilson on 17/08/2018.

Equestrian Victoria statement

The purpose of this statement is to update members, officials and other stakeholders of Equestrian Victoria’s (EV) position regarding Equestrian Australia’s (EA) decision to rescind a Yellow Card executed in the discipline of Dressage, issued October 2017.

The success of any sport is predicated on a commitment to upholding its rules, regulations and values.

Equestrian Victoria is committed to supporting its officials just as it is committed to upholding the principles that dictate that the welfare of the horse is paramount.

Today (17 August 2018) Equestrian Victoria has, following careful consideration and having obtained independent legal advice, written to Equestrian Australia advising that the decision to withdraw the Dressage Yellow Card issued 15 October 2017, is misconceived, invalid and of no effect.

Regrettably, this has put EV in a position of conflict with EA and as a result, in accordance with the Equestrian Australia Disciplinary By-laws, EV has made a formal complaint against EA in relation to this matter and its decision to withdraw the warning.

EA is now obliged to deal with the complaint in accordance with the EA Disciplinary By-laws, which amongst other things, requires that EA establish an independent tribunal to hear and determine the complaint without delay. EV has suggested that EA obtain independent legal advice about its position.

EV is dedicated to serving and representing its members and, in its capacity as the peak body for equestrian sports in Victoria, the wider equestrian industry. We will do this through our commitment to our stated values of Professionalism, Collaboration, Integrity and Transparency and will continue to keep members informed of any developments with regards to this matter.

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