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Posted by Equestrian Victoria on 23/10/2016.

EV Update on Werribee Park


The Board of Equestrian Victoria (EV) wishes to provide an update on the management and future of Werribee Park National Equestrian Centre (WPNEC).


The joint shareholders of WPNEC, EV and Polo Victoria, are in discussions with Parks Victoria to renew the lease of the land used for equestrian activities at Werribee Park. Agreement on criteria and a timeline have been reached recently, with the aim of having the lease terms and conditions finalised in the near future.

WPNEC Management

The WPNEC Board comprises three directors from EV and three directors from Polo Victoria. The EV directors are Ingrid Green, Nicholas Ott and Derek O’Leary.

A contracting company, Precise Preps, maintains the grounds of WPNEC. As EV Interim CEO, Derek O’Leary is the Manager of WPNEC, and Megan Kennedy was recently appointed as the Assistant Facility Manager. Megan has a background in building construction and occupational health and safety.

Equestrian State Facilities Plan and Stakeholder Engagement

The EV Board has almost completed a program of engagement with stakeholders, including EV members and the broader equestrian industry. This is part of the work under the State Facilities Plan that is currently being developed by EV. Funded by the Victorian Government, the plan involves a review of participation and facilities in every equestrian discipline across Victoria.

“We have been engaging extensively with equestrian groups for each discipline, and looking at current as well as future demand, to develop a blueprint for state equestrian facilities into the future,” EV Board Director Suzie Batten said.

The report from this process is expected to be available by the end of this year.

WPNEC Redevelopment and Interim Improvement Program

Following the completion of the state facility planning process, the EV Board in consultation with stakeholders intends to address the redevelopment of WPNEC.

In the meantime, EV notes the speculation on Facebook and the disappointment by users of WPNEC in the state of the venue at a recent event.

“We acknowledge that the venue was not in satisfactory condition at times recently and we are taking steps to try and ensure this will not happen again,” said WPNEC director Nicholas Ott.

“EV is implementing a program to better maintain the existing facilities at WPNEC to improve the comfort and convenience for all users.”

“We are preparing a list of interim improvements and will shortly be issuing an invitation to members to contribute goods or services on a voluntary basis.”

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