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Posted by Karen Amore on 24/10/2018.

Eventing Classes 2019- New Terminology

Eventing Classes 2019

Dear Organising Committees,

The new FEI class names come into place on January 1st 2019.

We will adjust the calendar on the EV Website for your Event and we request that you use the following terminology when advertising and listing your events with your Entry Provider.

FEI Short format

CCI4*-S (previously CIC3*) 

CCI3*-S (previously CIC2*)

CCI2*-S (previously CIC1*)

CCN1*-S (previously EVA105)

FEI Long format

CCI5*-L(previously CCI4*)

CCI4*-L(previously CCI3*)

CCI3*-L(previously CCI2*)

CCI2*-L(previously CCI1*)

CCN1*-L(previously CCN105)

National Shot Format

CCN4*-S(previously CNC3*)

CCN3*-S(previously CNC2*)

CCN2*-S(previously CNC1*)

CCN1*-S(previously EVA105)

National Long format

CCN4*-L(previously CNC3*)

CCN3*-L(previously CNC2*)

CCN2*-L(previously CNC1*)

CCN1*-L(previously CCN105)

Please note that Australia will not be running an FEI CCI1*L or CCI1*-S as this would require horses and riders to be FEI registered at this level.


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