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Posted by Corinne Wilson on 03/06/2020.

Reining Our Resilience - June Tip No 1

“Diminish anxiety with a smile”

Uncertainty invokes anxiety and stress in us and in these current times, there are many reasons to feel anxious.

One way to help diminish these feelings is with a warm, genuine smile. When we experience positive emotions that prompt us to smile, we can more easily experience enthusiasm and contentment. This helps us feel confident rather than inundated.

This week, take a moment to release your tension with a heartfelt laugh or a warm smile. Choose to watch a show or movie that inspires laughter. Reminisce about a compliment from a trusted friend or family member. Or perhaps give your warm smile generously to others as you go about your day.

Tips derived from Christopher Shen’s book Wrestling with Resilience: A Handbook for Developing Resilience and Toughness. To learn more about Christopher Shen

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