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Posted by Corinne Wilson on 14/05/2020.

Reining Our Resilience - May Tip No 1

 “Being kind to yourself boosts your wellbeing”

Self-compassion helps us navigate life’s challenges with greater ease, giving us strength to view our challenges as opportunities to learn and grow.
One way to build greater self-compassion is by writing a compassionate letter to yourself.

This week, consider a major regret in your life. Then take a moment to write yourself a letter, using reassuring words that a genuine and compassionate person might say to you.

Research shows that after people write to themselves with compassion, symptoms of depression tend to subside. Happiness rises from the shadows. And these benefits last at least three months.

Tips derived from Christopher Shen’s book Wrestling with Resilience: A Handbook for Developing Resilience and Toughness. To learn more about Christopher Shen

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