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Posted by Equestrian Victoria on 16/01/2015.

Show Horse Committee Meeting Announcement

Show Horse had a positive meeting last night making some great progress.

Barastoc Report:

Barastoc looks to be in good stead and on track despite some minor teething issues. The Barastoc committee have worked brilliantly to remodel two whole programmes into one in a short period. Equissage have kindly sponsored the Working Hunters as well as Mal Byrne, Wagner's & Wonder Horse sponsoring some lovely prizes for our raffle. The committee have tried to save competitors costs where possible i.e.: No Gate fees & some entry fees are lower.
Unfortunately both the Riding Pony Society and the APSB elected not to be part of Barastoc this year which means that many ponies, particularly Shetlands lost quite a few classes.
There have been some issues with the entry process but they have now been rectified and therefore the entries have been extended toMonday the 19th January 2015.

Amateur Show Report:

Our Amateur show is off and running and looking very positive. We will be holding this event on the 15th of March 2015 which will include the following rings: Amateur Opens, Amateur Hunters, Amateur Newcomers and Juniors. Our aim with this show is to provide our non-professional & Junior membership with a good quality event. A schedule will be released shortly.

Show Horse Clinics:

The dates have now been set for our up & coming show horse clinics, we will have information out shortly with our instructors etc We look forward to running good educational days & giving people a chance to get their horses out over the quieter months.

Membership Survey:

We have decided to create a survey/questionnaire to obtain your constructive feedback to progress and improve our sport. It's your sport so we want you to have a say in its future and direction.

Judges Panel:

We are currently reviewing our Victorian Judging panel, this will take some time but we look to ensure that all of our judges are current and actively involved.


The whole committee is very excited for Barastoc and look forward to seeing everyone there. We are happy with the progress of our events and are all very enthusiastic about providing more for our members.

The EV Show horse committee would like to wish all Members a happy, safe, prosperous and successful 2015

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