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Posted by Equestrian Victoria on 21/04/2015.

Show Horse Committee Meeting Review

The show horse committee met last week, we had a very productive meeting. This has been our first meeting in months in which we've had time to stop, breathe and reflect on our events. 

The show horse committee is proud to announce our newly co-opted member Megan Somerville, Megan was already a member of our Barastoc Sub-Committee and we are delighted that Megan accepted our offer to become a member of our show horse committee. 

Barastoc Wrap Up - after running a viable and overall successful event we went through our schedule and looked for areas that have room for improvement. 

Barastoc planning for 2016 we are looking at expanding our programme as well as some other possibilities for expansion within the show. 
We met this week with our long standing partner Barastoc and they are very keen to continue our partnership looking at ways in which we can work together to provide more for our competitors and offering an opportunity to educate members with feeding regimes. 

Amateur Show - this was our first year hosting an amateur show and wow, what a success ! We were blessed with beautiful weather, the show ran very smoothly and all competitors, judges and officials had an enjoyable show. We had just short of 100 horses in attendance which was very pleasing considering this was our maiden attempt. The prizes were phenomenal from feed to vouchers to cash the sponsorship support was amazing. 
This is a show we want to see develop and grow, we look to continue to supporting our non professional competitors and ensuring this remains a competitor friendly event for all.

Show horse clinics - The dates and instructors are set and the application forms are now online, we would like to see as many riders as possible participate in these clinics the more support we get the more clinics we can host. We have two highly qualified Instructors for each of the dates -Sunday 14th June and Saturday 11th July

Multi qualifying show - as many of you know we have lost horse events at some of our agricultural shows this is saddening to our show horse community, we have been looking at ways in which we could resurrect these shows back onto the calendar. As a new initiative we have decided that we would like to try and get two agricultural showsocieties on board and run a multi qualifying show with the intention of running one show in the morning and one in the afternoon, as well as an EV ring.  This gives competitors the potential to earn three performances/qualifications in one day. We would love this to get off the ground but it will require the support of two societies to lend their name etc to the show. 

Judges Seminar - the committee have been looking at fresh ideas for our judges seminar, we have some very exciting presenters as well as a new venue. An expression of interest and information form will be released shortly.

Measurer Recruitment - the committee have been on the hunt for potential measurers that can be trained in order to expand our list accredited measurers. We have had great success recruiting and training will be taking part over the next few months.

Social Media - this is becoming a huge part of society and unfortunately is a double edged sword. Publicity and networking is sensational but as you are all well aware the equestrian world has been subject to cyber bullying as well as public attacks aimed towards individuals as well as societies. EV want our members and officials to feel safe,protected and supported, and able to be a part of this community without the fear of being publicly victimised on social media. As a result our social media policy Çode of Conduct is being assessed and revised in order to ensure we can provide a safe environment for all of our members in our current social media climate. 

The show horse committee would like to thank all our members for their ongoing support, we are very proud of what we have achieved in such a short period. We are looking very forward to what the future holds for Equestrian Victoria Show Horse.

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