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Posted by Iole Brzozek on 20/03/2015.

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The Board of Equestrian Victoria is pleased to announce that the contractual dispute between Equestrian Victoria, Fiona Mardling & Sue Thompson has now been settled.  Equestrian Victoria has nothing but the highest praise for Fiona and Sue in relation to their past work, dedication and commitment to the events they managed for Show Horse. Importantly, the Board of Equestrian Victoria also wishes to advise that at no point were Fiona or Sue under any form of investigation regarding their positions nor was there any implication of wrong doing, this matter was entirely contractual.  Fiona and Sue would like to thank the Equestrian Victoria office staff, WPNEC staff and their wonderful fellow committee members that worked together to produce successful events for Equestrian Victoria.  All parties involved look forward to the continued success of Show Horse Victoria.

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