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Posted by Equestrian Victoria on 07/05/2015.

Vic Dressage Riders Rep Election Result

After an online election process with three strong candidates, Marion Horsfall, Janet Seccull and Sharon McCombe, EV members have elected Sharyn McCombe to the position of Dressage Victoria’s Riders Representative.

We thank all the candidates for standing and the many members who voted. Sharyn has some big shoes to fill as her predecessor Stuart Archibald did a marvellous job to garner interest on a wide range of issues and represented them fairly at the DV table.

One of the first issues Sharyn will address is the suggestion that we align with most other music based sports and change from CDs to MP3 format for Freestyle music. At several recent DV events incorrectly formatted CDs almost caused disasters. The last minute conversion of the music to MP3 saved the day.

In this format F/S music could be sent via email to OC well ahead of time for loading and checking. Back-up USB devices (memory stick) would be brought to the event, just in case. Dance sports and Cheerleading use USB devices and they change music every 4 mins for hours on end without a problem.

Sharyn will be canvassing opinions on this and other topics at Sydney CDI and other future events, so don’t hesitate to stop to chat.

 Michael Bragge

Chair, Dressage Victoria

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