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Posted by Equestrian Victoria on 09/03/2017.

Young Rider Dressage Squads & Development Program 11-12 March 2017

Welcome to the 2017 Young Rider Dressage Squads and Development Program’s training weekend, 11-12 March
at Werribee Park NEC. Below is some information about how the days will run.

First of all, a big welcome to our new members for 2017 and I hope you have a great time and enjoy all we offer
at Squad.

Timetable Young Rider Dressage Squads Saturday March 11 2017

All riders (or their parents) must register on Saturday morning. Registration sheets will be
available at the Admin building (the big red brick one) from 8.30am on Saturday. Please note if there are any
errors in your information, horse name changes, etc.

Stabling / Camping:
Please contact Werribee Park NEC, 97417672 or to organise.

Will be provided for riders and parents each day. If you have any special dietary requirements could you
please provide your own. We do need helpers each day to set out lunch and clean up afterwards. If you can help
could you please email Jan [email protected]

Saturday night:
This is very informal and you can bring your own dinner or we can order in pizzas at a very small charge per person. Please bring your own drinks (and popcorn) and sit back and enjoy our movie, the true story of Harry and Snowman, a heart warming film that is suitable for all ages.

All riders will receive a riding lesson each day. Your times are on the timetable that will be sent to you, and also on the website: Please make sure your gear is safe and suitable for the task.
Please also remember that if you don’t understand something in a lesson – ASK your instructor about it, hopefully in the lesson, or afterwards. Please also ensure that your helmet is in good order, the correct standard and
securely fastened. Every effort has been made to pair riders in group lessons with horses of a similar level.

Athlete Fitness Sessions (Sunday):
Conducted by Natalia Evertsz PLEASE WEAR SUITABLE CLOTHES, FOOTWEAR and bring a yoga mat or something similar. If you are not in the habit of exercising a lot, please advise Natalia.

EA Introductory Riding and Horse Management Certificates.
Riders that I know are registered have ** behind their names. If you think that you are registered can you let Jan know, or advise on the sign in forms.

Vet talks:
We are lucky to have Dr Emma Stellar-Hall to give talks based on the syllabus for the Intro Horse Management work book at both the March and April training weekends. If you are registered for IHM you can be
signed off on that chapter IF you take an active part in Dr Emma’s talks (answer questions etc)

Poles & Grids (Sunday):
we will need some riders for these groups so please volunteer. Everyone else will take part unmounted so you will be expected to help set up and move poles etc.

Katherine Stewart Motivational Speaker:
Katherine will speak to the younger riders at 4pm on Saturday, then these riders will take part in specially designed team building exercises with Kirby Taylor and Adele Plumridge.
More information on the day. The older riders will have the chance to learn how Katherine turned a devastating accident into a huge positive in her life at 5pm.

Special instructions for those riders having lessons with Mary Hanna on Saturday.
On Mary’s instructions, she wants you in her lesson having only walked for 15 minutes, no other warming up please.

If you have an enquiry about the timetabling please contact Jan Smith 0417527412 or [email protected]

Team App:
New members remember to register for Team App as lots of information is sent out to Squad (it is a closed group and you are encouraged to post photos of your horses and yourselves for everyone to enjoy)

Don’t forget to keep up to date on our FB page. It is a great way to get information out to everyone.

I hope you have a great weekend.
Jan Smith
Squad Coaching Co-ordinator
0417 527412
[email protected]

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