Dressage Protocol Days

Every Wednesday in June - except 8 June at WPNEC

Dressage Protocol Days are a great opportunity for riders to learn how to improve the riding of a dressage test in a more relaxed environment, by giving them 'on the spot' access to the dressage judge. Unlike a riding clinic, these protocol days focus on 'how' the test is ridden, rather than whether a rider can walk, trot or canter.

Each rider rides a test, then has the opportunity to talk with the judge who will give feedback on how to improve the riding of the test or individual movements - all with the view to gaining more marks.

It's also a great opportunity to learn about the language used by a dressage judge and gain insight into what they are looking for without the added pressure of competition. It is not essentially different from a rider discussing the test with the judge after a competition except that there is an opportunity to repeat movements.

Protocol days are a great educational tool and benefits riders at all levels.

For more information, contact - Sue or Iole at Equestrian Victoria 9013 0707 or email [email protected].