Reining Our Resilience - Overview

As the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) slows the world beyond the imaginations of most, we all need significant self-care to ensure we stay well physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally.

During this extraordinary time of heavy restrictions around leaving homes, social distancing and healthy hygiene practices, EV is committed to helping our members navigate the challenges that isolation brings.

Reining our Resilience

Whilst we continue to be a source of information for members in relation to the latest government and health authority updates, this project ‘Reining our Resilience; health and wellness tips’ aims to support and encourage each of you to look after your own health, manage stress and anxiety, so you are in a better place to care for your family and equine friends.

We have extended our partnership with Christopher Shen Consulting - team psychologist of the Equestrian Victoria Jumping State Squads - to share a weekly ‘Reining our Resilience’ health and wellness tip on our social pages and website.


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About Christopher Shen

Christopher Shen is a psychologist who has a passion for developing high performance solutions in the workplace and sporting environments. He has been Team Psychologist with many sporting teams, supporting the mental health of their players, and is currently working with the Western Bulldogs AFLW football team, the Equestrian Victoria Jumping State Squads and the Gippsland Sports Academy. Christopher provides the following services to sporting teams and athletes:

- Early detection, intervention, support, and treatment of mental health issues
- Training in recommended habits and practices to foster positive mental health and wellbeing
- Group sessions to teach helpful and practical tactics and tips for players to develop resilience and mental skills for sport

To learn more about Christopher Shen and Resilience, please visit:

We hope you find these weekly tips helpful as we face the challenges ahead together. 

Matthew Brown
Chief Executive Officer - Equestrian Victoria

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