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Posted by Corinne Wilson on 04/04/2023.

New Eventing Victoria Committee

Hi Eventing Organisers, Officials and Riders! 

Can you believe we’re into March 2023 with 6 events already completed?! 2023 has been huge already, and it is my honour to say g’day to you all as your new Victorian Eventing Committee Chairman. 

With the introduction of new Bylaws that govern our Committees structure and terms of reference, Janet Houghton has had to (despite groans and begging) stand down from the position as Head of the State Committee, but received a well-deserved ‘promotion’ and is now the Chair of the National Eventing Committee.  Janet has left behind some massive ugg-boots for me to fill, but I am committed to continuing her amazing work of continuously improving and growing our sport and supporting everyone who participates in it.

With the Chair role I am delighted to now also be supported with three new Committee Members in Georgie Birrell, Chris Height and Chrissy Saunders.  It is brilliant to have new members who bring different perspective and energy - they join the existing Committee in; Kate Wallis, Judy Croagh, Nina Clarke, Sarah May, and Michael McCarey to make up your star line up of the 2023 Victorian Eventing Committee.

This does mean of course that we say goodbye with a sincere thank you  to our outgoing members; Janet Houghton, Barry and Lyn Roycroft, Judy Slater, Anthony Bywater and Jacqui Sayers. These members have provided a huge contribution over many years and major events and have helped to build the foundations of our sport which see it so well positioned today for the future - on behalf of the Victorian Eventing community thank you to all for your significant efforts.

Your 2023 Vic Eventing Committee is stronger than ever and is primed to continue our role in the support and evolution of our sport and to provide assistance to organisers, officials and riders alike.  Should you have any questions or issues about your sport, or are looking to become more involved don’t hesitate to approach one of our amazing Committee Members or officials who are more than happy to help and provide some guidance for you.

I was told I waffle on so I’ll sign off and look forward to catching up with you out and about,  until then on behalf of the Vic Eventing Committee I wish you all enjoyable and safe Eventing! 

David Permezel
Eventing Victoria Chair

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