Member Protection and Policies

Australian sporting organisations have legal obligations under Australian law with regard to harassment, discrimination and child protection. They also have moral obligations in relation to establishing standards of appropriate member behaviour and to provide safe, respectful and appropriate sporting environments for their activities to occur.

EA endorses these obligations under a general policy area termed ‘Member Protection’.

EA has a proud history of conducting all activities in a positive environment where participants have equal rights and opportunities to foster and develop their passion for EA sports. Through the introduction of formalised Member Protection practices EA will maintain a positive focus and be recognised as offering member services according to the principles of ‘industry best practice’ at all times. 

Member Protection Policy

Membership Bylaws


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eSafety and Cyberbullying

As Equestrian Australia continues to promote the safety and welfare of both rider and horse, in and out of competition, we would like to draw your attention to some eSafety rules and the Cyberbullying reporting scheme:  

eSafety and Cyberbullying

EA Social Media Policy

Member Protection Information Officers (MPIOs)

Did you know there's a network of Member Protection Information Officers (MPIOs) across the country who play an important and distinct role in sport and recreation to provide advice regarding the options available for managing a complaint? 

MPIOs do not adjudicate the complaint but act as a support person to the complainant and assist in clarifying the issues. The MPIO is responsible for providing information about a person's rights, responsibilities and options to an individual making a complaint or raising a concern, as well as support during the process. More info on

The MPIO contacts for Victoria are:

Vivienne Stephens 
Email: [email protected]