The Equestrian sector is committed to building an integrated and user friendly Volunteer Development Program which will help you in your role as a volunteer and assist you with strategies to engage, train, retain and recognise other volunteers.

As part of the program, a dedicated set of tools and resources have been produced. These tools and resources are all designed to make your life easier and help you easily access information at any time and support you in your role as a volunteer.

They are also designed to ensure consistent training, communications and working environments for volunteers.

Click on the link to view the video:            https://youtu.be/RZC9yLgpbY8

Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct provides a clear understanding, between volunteers and the organisation/committee they are working with.

Position Descriptions

Positions description templates have been developed to assist with recruitment, expectations, performance management and consistency.

For generic position descriptions for other roles, visit:


Volunteer Management Toolkit

This is a user friendly guide on volunteer management with the emphasis on providing a supportive framework and the reasoning and benefits of a program and how it can empower volunteers to run effective programs.

Volunteer Handbooks

These handbooks are tailored to each stream of volunteers and has been developed with useful workforce information. The templates include handy and prompts of information to include. You can customise the templates for your club, association or event.

Checklist for Volunteer Coordinators

These checklists are quick snapshots for Volunteer Co-ordinators on how to manage volunteers and what to cover in briefings. These are friendly prompts and reminders to help you in your role.

Legal Requirements


 Volunteer Management