Officiating in Equestrian Sports

An official is a person who oversees a competition, or aspect thereof, by applying the rules of the sport. They may be rules directly relating to judgments on performance, time, score and/or upholding the principles of fair play and welfare of the horse. Equestrian Australia (EA) trains and accredits Officials at National level across a variety of disciplines. EA also liaisea with the FEI in regards to international officials.

The Australian Sports Commission defines the role of officials along the following lines: 

  • An official is any person who controls the actual play of a competition by applying the rules and laws of the sport to make judgments on rule infringement, performance, time and score.
  • Officials play a key role in ensuring the spirit of the game and/or event is observed by all.
  • Officials also ensure that all athletes develop through their chosen sport and guarantee the competition is conducted within the spirit of the rules.
  • It is essential that officials provide all people of varying ages the best possible sporting experience, which will ensure their continued participation and development in sport.


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