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Posted by Corinne Wilson on 18/08/2020.

Victorian Eventing Community - Update 2020


We hope you are all well and coping with the challenges of CoVID 19. The Eventing Committee has continued to meet on line throughout this time.  Sadly, no competitions for Victoria has left a large hole in not only our agenda items but also our normally hectic calendar!

 We continue to monitor our financial position and wanted to provide our Eventing Community with this update on the role, activities and financial position of the trust,


The Eventing Victoria Trust Fund has been operative since 2015.  The Trust collects and administers the Eventing Levy of $25 per horse paid by Victorian Riders entering EA affiliated Victorian Horse Trials.

Members of the Eventing Sub Committee assumed the legal responsibilities as Trustees and pay the trust funds into a separate Victorian Eventing Levy trust account. This means that the funds can only be applied for the purposes which are stipulated in the Trust Deed.

How should Trust monies be spent?

The Deed states that the fund shall be used for payment of-

  • the provision of medical services at Victorian Horse Trials
  • annual calendar fees for FEI sanctioned Victorian Horse Trials
  • purchase of equipment to increase the level of safety for horses and riders at Victorian Horse Trials
  • financial contributions to Committees’ of Victorian Horse Trials to improve their grounds to provide a better competition experience for riders and horses.
  • financial contribution to travel costs for Victorians who officiate at horse trials in attending a mentored experience if there is a benefit to eventing.
  • financial contributions to the running of seminars/training for Eventing officials professional development

Where has the Trust money been spent?

The last update from the Eventing Committee on Trust operations was circulated at the end of 2018. 

The following information relates to the2019 and the PRE Corona Virus 2020 Eventing Calendar

Medical Costs

 Eventing Victoria has continued to collect the Rider Eventing Levy, remitted by Organising Committees, from Rider entries. The money is received into the Trust Account.

The trustees then pay to the Medical Provider ALL Medical costs incurred by the Organising Committee for each event.  

This guarantees payment of medical costs even if the number of entries and levy remitted is inadequate to cover the total medical cover required.  The trust is designed to subsidise the growing and smaller events requiring assistance. 

It also means that Victoria can deliver a consistent level of medical care for all members participating in Events across the State which complies with best practice and the rules of the sport.

FEI Calendar Fees

The other specified payment made from the fund is for annual FEI calendar fees.  FEI events must pay a fee to the FEI for listing their date 12 months in advance and prior to receiving any event income by way of entries.

Trust Pool

The remaining funds constitute a Trust Pool which has been appropriately applied by the Trustees with an emphasis on Safety in the Sport of Eventing.  

Grants to Organising Committees

 Organising Committees were invited to apply for a grant for Safety Equipment and/or Ground Improvement up to a maximum of $3.,000 per event.  Eligible Victorian events submitted applications and received Trust funds for a range of requested and compliant purposes focused on safety/improvements for riders and horses involved in Eventing.

The trust has paid for varied funding requests including materials to erect yards, sand to resurface arenas, break away show jumping cups, construction of xc fences, hire charges for radios on every fence and safety vests for officials.

Purchase by the Trust of Safety Equipment for use by all Events- MIMs/Frangible devices for XC

This equipment was a priority and mandatory given the rule changes at FEI and National level requiring changes to Cross Country Fences incorporating the use of such devices.  The costs of purchasing and importing these devices from Sweden were very high and would have been an insurmountable financial burden for Organising Committees. In 2017/18 the trustees decided to apply funds from the Trust towards obtaining a bulk order of these devices for all events held in the State.

In 2019/20 Every organising Committee continues to be given MIM pins/ Frangibles as required at no cost to them to improve the safety of their cross country courses

The other major safety initiative implemented by the trust was the purchase of a new and more effective aerovator called an aggravator.  This machine is owned by the trust but is available for hire and use by all horse trials in Victoria for the preparation of their cross country track in the lead up to an event.  The need for improved ground preparation has been highlighted by the National Eventing Committee and the FEI as a priority for rider and horse welfare in the sport. The hiring cost has been kept to a minimum and fixed at a sum to recoup the costs of maintaining the machine on an annual basis.  

Grants to Officials

Several Victorian Officials have also been the successful recipients of contributions towards their travel costs in updating and or maintaining their accreditation as Eventing Officials.

The Trust, in conjunction with Equestrian Victoria, also ran a Conflict Resolution seminar for the professional development of all officials in 2019. This was a great success and was not only well attended but very well received by all. The trust also conducted a Cross Country Designers seminar in the lead up to Wandin 2020 for our Victorian designers to work with Pierre Michelet. Unfortunately, due to CoVID Wandin Horse Trials was cancelled but our designers still had the opportunity to work with the highly regarded international designer.

Financial Report 

The following table itemises the specific amounts spent for years ending June 2019 and June 2020 by the Trust

FOR PERIOD 2019 and 2020

Current Financial Status- July 2020

The Trust Fund bank balance is currently $ 36,517.76

We look forward to the return of competition in Victoria and remain committed to supporting Organising Committees in delivering an enjoyable and safe Eventing experience for our Eventing riders.

Thank you to the Eventing Community and especially the riders for supporting the Victorian Eventing Trust since its inception. This initiative has continued to enable our State to be a National leader in introducing safety initiatives and appropriate medical responses to all participants at events held throughout this State.

Stay safe and take care.

Eventing Victoria Sub Committee
August 2020

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