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Posted by Corinne Wilson on 29/09/2021.

A Covid Update - 28 September 2021

IMPORTANT: Please read this information in its entirety

This information is provided to all members of the equestrian community regarding the latest COVIDSafe settings for metropolitan Melbourne, the Mitchell Shire and City of Latrobe. For regional Victoria (except Mitchell Shire and City of Latrobe), the COVIDSafe settings remain the same.


We are pleased to confirm that coaching CAN RESUME subject to the same requirements as personal trainers. The definition of personal trainers for the purpose of the government’s COVIDSafe Settings, includes equestrian coaches.  

With all coaching, remember that you should only take the time that is necessary to coach and for your pupils to have exercise. You should NOT use or enter club rooms or other indoor facilities.

  • Outdoor coaching for exercise only (i.e. no community sport training) is allowed for up to 5 people plus the coach if everyone including the coach is fully vaccinated (i.e. double dosed). You may only coach up to 2 people plus the coach if any of the participants or the coach has only received the first vaccination dose, or are not vaccinated. 
  • The government requires that evidence of clients’ full vaccination status must be confirmed by the personal trainer/coach for record keeping if engaging in outdoor personal training services in a group of five people. If you cannot sight the vaccination status of those you are coaching, you may only coach up to 2 persons. You may coach up to 5 people if you can verify their vaccination status. 
  • You must complete a record that you have sighted the vaccination status of those you are coaching. 

NOTE: This is the first instance of the government settings regarding vaccination, and we expect further clarification as this is rolled out. We will keep you up to date as more details are released. 


  • Those receiving coaching can only travel within 15km of their home. As a permitted worker, the coach may travel beyond 15km for the purposes of their work.
  • All coaches should complete an authorised workers permit as a personal trainer/coach.
  • Outdoor physical recreational facilities are only permitted for contactless activities where staff are not required to interact with guests. Further details below. 
  • As a permitted worker, coaches from Melbourne may travel to regional areas, for the purpose of their work, but they they must carry photo ID, have an Authorised Workers Permit (so must hold an ABN for that purpose). The coach must not cross from one lockdown area into another. The coach must travel DIRECTLY to their place of work, and CANNOT stop and visit any shops, cafes etc. Coaches take the restrictions in place for their locked down area with them. Travel for the pupil into regional from metropolitan Melbourne is NOT PERMITTED. Coaches should read the following


  • Outdoor physical recreation facilities are open where staff are not required to interact with guests for up to 5 fully vaccinated people at a time. If coaching is taking place, please refer to 1 for restrictions regarding vaccinations when a coach is present.
  • If you have only received your first dose or are not vaccinated, a maximum of two people may gather for contactless activities at the outdoor facility. 
  • All Indoor facilities must remain closed, including toilets.


  • You may ride your horse for your exercise, (once a day for up to 4 hours, and that 4 hours includes any time spent outdoors socialising in limited groups).
  • You can travel more than 15km from your home to take care of your horse, but you should only travel as far and take as long as is absolutely necessary.  


Equestrian centres may open under the following conditions:

  • That they comply with and operate in accordance with the conditions outlined above for physical recreational facilities.
  • All indoor spaces, including toilets, at the facility are closed to members of the public at all times. 
  • No employees of the facility other than a coach are present while members of the public are using the facility.
  • All members of the public and any personal trainer comply with the COVID-19 Vaccinated Activities Directions for personal training. Refer to 1. Bullet 2.
  • No equipment is to be shared


  • Community sport remains closed.

For all of the above, please keep at least 1.5 metres distance apart, and remember that face masks are required unless you are riding or have a medical exemption.


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