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Posted by Corinne Wilson on 24/12/2019.

Dr Helen Davies Seminar

The EV Coaches Committee had the pleasure of having Dr. Helen Davies present a Seminar on the 18th November at WPNEC. Topic for the seminar was “How the Horse’s anatomy works with reference back to the Training Scale”. There were 70 attendees, from a range of disciplines and qualifications.

Dr Helen presented an insight into the Horse Anatomy , it support and how it controls the movement of the horse.

The 6 levels of the Training Scale and the biomechanical requirements, were discussed in depth.

Thanks to all that attended and please look out for further Seminars in early 2020.
Please remember that:

• Coaches can use the Session for points
• EADJC approved for re-accreditation purposes for our dressage judges 

Background: Dr Helen Davies (BAgSci (Hons). MAgrSc. BVSc. PhD) 
Dr Helen Davies  is a veterinarian, teacher, and research scientist with a life-long interest in communication, posture, and movement, especially in horses and their riders. Having begun her riding career in a hunting stable with cavalry instructors in the UK in 1969, she continued with part-time and short-course study with a range of different instructors in the UK before spending most of 1974 as a jillaroo in NSW. Since then she has continued to teach riders, train, and retrain horses in all disciplines, developing her skills in observation and practical instruction of both horses and their riders. 

During the last 45 years she has gradually developed and tested a range of non-invasive ways to encourage improvements in communication, posture, and function, including in individual horses and riders that have congenital or acquired disabilities or damage. This process continues with regular clinics enabling ongoing learning and improvement for horses and their handlers and/or riders. 

Aside from teaching functional anatomy of the locomotory and nervous systems at Melbourne University’s Faculty of Veterinary and Agricultural Sciences, Helen is the leader of the functional anatomy and biomechanics research group and is highly active in equine research projects primarily aimed to maintain soundness in working horses. 

These clinics/lessons go part way to support this research and to pay for her research horses. 

Helen was an official Dressage judge for the EFA/EA from 1981 and at C Advanced level from 1989 until retiring in 2017. 


Dr Helen Davies will again be prsenting in 2020 so watch out for booking details and dates to be released late January.



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