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Posted by Corinne Wilson on 30/09/2020.

Meet Ava Halloran

Name: Ava Halloran

Age: 18

Status:  Years competing in show horse: 13

Biggest equestrian achievement: Champion rider at the EA Show Horse Nationals 2018

What inspired you to become a show rider?
"For many years, mum competed show horses, so when the time came, and I was old enough, I started off in the leading rein classes on my 10.3hh Welsh pony with mum right beside me. From then, I have had the privilege of riding some beautiful horses and training with some incredible coaches who have inspired me to be a show rider and get me to where I am today!"

If you could achieve anything you wished for in your sport, what would it be?
"If I could achieve anything in the sport it would be to win the Garryowen. I think everyone in the show horse scene would agree that this event is the pinnacle and the most prestigious event to win as a lady rider in Australia."

What is the biggest mental challenge you have had to overcome to improve faster in your sport?
"Learning to be patient and realising that some things take a while before the training eventually pays off would have to be the biggest mental challenge I have had to overcome. From training my first OTT, I came to realise this quite quickly and I believe that because of this, it has allowed me to improve faster. I also know that often, it is the tedious exercises that get the best results in the horse and especially when it comes to competition day."

How do you know the difference between good advice and advice that might hinder you?
"I think that everyone has something to offer and you can always learn something new from someone, no matter who they are or how much experience they have. I find that whenever I have a lesson with a different coach, I can take a new skill away – sometimes it will work, sometimes it won’t. So, I believe that you need to try whatever advice is given to you and work out what is best suited for you and your horse so that it does not hinder your progress."

What training tips do you have for young show horse riders trying to achieve their equestrian dreams?
"My best training tip would be to simply stick with it and know that sheer hard work, patience and determination pay off. Something may seem impossible to begin with, but once you have achieved it, it is the greatest feeling! I also think that it is so incredibly important to just have fun! I know personally that when I do this, I am so much more confident when I enter the arena and the ride becomes a lot more enjoyable."

What would you change today to make yourself better tomorrow?
"I believe that everyone is in control of their own life and how they choose to live each day. As someone who is currently in year 12 and has those days where everything seems too hard and somewhat impossible, I think that be changing my perspective on a situation, I have the ability to change my mood for that day. I think that this is super important and something that I like to do to make myself think clearer and enjoy each day to the fullest!"

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