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Posted by Corinne Wilson on 10/11/2021.

MITAVITE Interschool Eventing Leaderboard

Equestrian Victoria and MITAVITE® are pleased to announce a new initiative set to enhance the engagement of our Interschool Victoria Eventing community - the MITAVITE® Interschool Eventing Leaderboard for the 2021/2022 season. 

The aim of the leaderboard is to increase awareness and recognition among the Interschool Eventing community and support the growth and development of riders, rewarding and recognising participation and success.

The MITAVITE® Interschool Eventing Leaderboard will record five heights from 65cm to 2*, with the five winners each receiving a branded rug. Winners will also receive products from the high-quality MITAVITE® range. 

"Thanks to the fantastic support of Mitavite, the leaderboard, compiled after each competition, will allow riders to track their performance and provide both incentive and motivation." said Julia Williams, Interschool Victoria Chair. 

"There's a lot of work behind the scenes keeping a leaderboard accurate, and the funding from Mitavite allows us to administer it effectively. With the help of Eventing Victoria's Lynne Brown, we hope this will become a motivator for all of our riders."

Having seen significant interruptions due to COVID, the Interschool Eventing community is eager to return to the sport. The added incentives provided by the MITAVITE® Leaderboard ramps that eagerness to the next level. 

The season recommences with competition at Lakes and Craters on the, 11 & 12 December. 

The partnership with MITAVITE® also offers further training opportunities for our Interschool eventers, with education on equine health and nutrition.


MITAVITE® is well known for using new techniques to formulate complete feeds, including the development of horse-specific amino acid profiles, the analysis of energy pathways and the understanding of the interaction and metabolism of vitamins and minerals through the horse's digestive system.  A critical MITAVITE® led innovation was the process of 'steam extruding', which continues to be a favoured horse feed type due to the inherent benefits to the horse.

About Interschool Victoria

Interschool Victoria is a sport discipline committee of Equestrian Victoria. Equestrian Interschool competitions in Victoria have a long-running, rich history in nurturing and developing junior and young riders, providing them with the skills and pathways to achieve their equestrian dreams.

For over 20 years, schools, equestrian centres, and Equestrian Victoria have provided school-aged children with the opportunity to compete in a competitive, safe, and supportive environment fostering growth and development. 

Equestrian Victoria is the peak body for horse sport disciplines in Victoria. Established in 1951, we are a non-profit organisation of individual members, life members, affiliated clubs, coaches, and officials. 

We are proud to have over 200 Affiliated Clubs and 4000 registered members, with many that attend Equestrian Victoria events annually. 


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