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Posted by Corinne Wilson on 20/11/2020.

Update re EV Board

The Equestrian Victoria Board regrets to advise that the ISV Standing Committee representative on the EV Board has resigned, effective Wednesday 18 November.

Whilst Equestrian Victoria is firm in our belief that our young people are the future of our sport (making up almost 30% of the EV membership) and that they should have a voice at the Board table, regrettably there are segments of the equestrian community who do not believe this.  

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Julia for her time and energy and look forward to continuing to build this area of our sport in the future.

Rest assured, EV’s commitment to developing the next generation of equestrians will continue.

Carl Parkin - Chair
Matthew Brown - CEO

If you’d like to learn more about the evolution of the ISV Committee, please see the background information below.


As part of the Equestrian Victoria Strategic Plan 2018-2022, the organisation has spent considerable time gleaning a better understanding of its membership base as well as exploring a series of opportunities for continued growth and development of the sport and community.

Through this work, and with a focus on pathways, the EV Board identified that the Interschools Victoria program represented a significant opportunity as a growth platform for the sport.

An independent analysis of the EV membership showed that approximately 30% of the membership came from the ISV space, and through a range of community consultation including research survey’s, information forums and 1:1 conversations it became abundantly clear that it is important to resource this area appropriately to ensure that our young riders had strong representation across the organisation and were retained in our sport.

In line with the other key disciplines and considering the enormous percentage of membership base that ISV contributes, the EV Board determined that establishing a Standing Committee was essential in supporting this cohort moving forward.

As part of the process to formalise the ISV Standing Committee a representative of the ISV committee was invited onto the Board with the intention of giving a voice to the youth of our sport at the Board table.  The Board then proposed an amendment to the EV constitution to embed the important voice of young riders for the future.

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