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For FEI Rules and Regulations and all related information like the lists of banned or prohibited substances, please visit the FEI Clean Sport web site.

On the 4 April, the 2011 FEI Equine Prohibited Substances List came into full force and effect.

Since the introduction of the FEI Equine Prohibited Substances List in 2011 there have been annual updates made to the list of the banned or prohibited list. The most recent came into effect as of the 1st January 2014.

The annual lists and changes from 2011 can be found on the links below:

Other Useful information from the FEI:

  • Check your horses medication or supplements click HERE
  • To access the FEI Equine Prohibited Substances Database click HERE
  • FEI List of detection times click HERE
  • FEI Veterinary Regulations click HERE

In April 2010, new FEI and EA Regulations came into force. You can download an overview of changes applying to both FEI and EA Regulations.

Regulations and Policies

For information on Equestrian Australia's Regulations and Policies please click HERE

FEI Medication Treatment Log Book

For information on the requirements of the FEI Medication Treatment Log Book and to obtain a copy please click HERE

Negative (Clear) Sample Analysis Notifications

A listing of samples numbers for which a 'negative' (clear) result has been advised by the Australian Racing Forensic Laboratory.

General Information

Athletes' Guide on Doping and Medication Control

Overview of the EA Medication Control System and Policies

EA advises caution against the use of herbal and natural medicine products

Information for EA Horse Swabbing Stewards and Event Organisers

EA Testing Laboratory

Search for EA Horse Swabbing Stewards (Link to search bar EV)

EA MCP Paperwork Flow

EA Medication Control Notification Form

Step-by-Step Sampling Procedure


Post-Sampling Report Form

EA MCP Step-by-Step Sampling Procedures

ARLF Guidelines for Sample Collection (new kit)