Jumping Victoria Youth Program


The Jumping Victoria Youth Squad is a jumping Victoria initiative bringing together the best Jumping athletes from around Victoria to train with elite level coaches and learn valuable off-horse education. The program run by Jumping Victoria, invites riders to apply online and register their interest to be involved in one of four squad groups within the program.  

The program has a long history of involving successful world class athletes and developing riders to state and national levels. The program, which now align with the new Jumping Pathway to High-Performance document, aims to encourage development that better aligns with the discipline of Jumping. 


The Jumping Victoria Youth Squad is a further development to the existing Jumping Victoria Junior & Rider Squad and aims to provide tailored and professional training sessions for Jumping Members under the age of 21. The new program proposal takes into account the increased member retention within Equestrian Victoria and the need for riders to gain access to quality coaches and off-horse education. More information can be found in the Jumping Victoria Youth Squad Structure Document, when published, below.

Differences Between Squad Groups   


The squad level dedicated to riders under the age of 12 who are just starting out in the sport of Jumping and want some direct access to coaching. This level is a one-day session for riders to learn the basics of Jumping and gather with other members within the sport. 

Development Squad 

The biggest intake for the program is within the development squad, this level is for riders competing competitively between 80cm-110cm at affiliated Jumping events around Victoria. The development squads have access to quality coaches and off-horse education to further develop skills and expertise within the Jumping discipline.  

Rising Star Squad 

This level is targeted towards athletes who are competing at a high level between 110cm-120cm who have previous experience at state and national events. The Rising Star Squad Program focuses more on individual rider success with a series of sports development riding lessons with high quality EA accredited coaches, 1 on 2/3 and group sports. This squad with have a more personalised program compared to the Development Squad and have less members in each group.  

High Performance Squad 

The level is catered towards the best children, junior and young rider member combinations in Victoria at the time of registration. The High Performance Squad has a specific criteria to enter and is aimed at the best Jumping riders in the state.  

Jumping Victoria Youth Squad Structure Document


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Squads in 2022

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Coaches in 2022

High Performance Squad Coaches

  • January 18th & 19th  - Paul Brent
  • April, May, August - TBA 

Rising Star Coach – Adam Prime 
Development Coaches – Cindy Morrison, Jervaise Prime & Tonya Holdsworth-Rose
Squadettes – Alysha Harlen 

Squad Dates  

  • January 18th & 19th  
  • April 20th & 21st 
  • May 14th & 15th 
  • August 13th & 14th 

Full details of squad weekends can be found on our calendar for the appropriate date: 



Strathmerton Drilling

Strathmerton Drilling  is a family operated business based in a small rural town in North East Victoria called Strathmerton. The business first started on 25th August 1989 when drilling icon Morris Christenson decided to adventure into his own drilling  company, hiring Brain Madgwick. 

On April 2nd 1993 Brain (Jack) and his wife Julie Madgwick, close friends of Morris were honoured with taking on the business. 28 years later Jack, Julie and their son his son Heath with his wife Kyley have successfully developed a well-known family business popular throughout our local area and across the state. 

The Jumping Victoria Youth Program thank Strathmerton Drilling for all their support over the past few years and encourage all members to check out their website for more details https://www.strathmerton.com.au/strathmerton-drilling/  

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Contact Information  

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