Where does my money go?

The following information explains how your fees are spent and how this benefits you and our sport and attached overleaf is a table below provides a detailed breakdown of all 2019/2020 membership levies. These levies and fees are effective from 1 July 2019.

National Levy

The EA National Administration levy is a portion of your membership allocated to Equestrian Australia for the purpose of administering our sports. The EA National Office is the interface for all international matters. These include overseas competitions, licensing, horse identification, FEI officials, FEI seminars, FEI events held in Australia, World Cup, Australia’s participation in world-wide series, updating of FEI rules etc.


Our national insurance policy, managed through Equestrian Australia, provides personal insurance cover for EA members for injuries sustained whilst engaged in recreational non-income deriving equestrian activities twenty-four (24) hours a day. Full policy details are available at: http://www.equestrian.org.au/Insurance or by calling Gow Gates on: 1800 811 371.

International Competition and Development Fund (ICDF)

Equestrian Australia has traditionally, through the ICDF, granted funds to projects and events that are within the “International Competitions” category and which further develop the sport in general. Effective from 2018/19 EA reverted this levy back to state branches and Equestrian Victoria will continue to collect and apply funds to Victorian based events that meet these criteria, in line with the EV Board approved EV ICDF Policy & Procedure.

Nominate Electronic Fees

Nominate is EA’s online national membership portal and database. Accordingly Nominate charges a 5.5% fee which supports the delivery of this facility. The database is continually being updated to ensure we hold accurate membership, horse, results and competition details. Nominate also provides an online service for our members to update membership details and enter competitions.


As per Australian Tax Office (ATO) guidelines, one eleventh of all income is remitted to the Australian Tax Office for GST.

Equestrian Victoria Administration

The balance of your fees goes towards the running costs of the Equestrian Victoria, a not-for-profit organisation and the recognised governing body for equestrian sport in Victoria. Equestrian Victoria formulates and facilitates policies and procedures, rules, training and development, coaching and competitions in equestrian sports from grass roots through to the highest level. Major administrative expenses include salaries for discipline specific staff, communications functions including the EV website, and assorted administration support services. Funds collected also underpin the delivery of EV’s Strategic Plan.