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Posted by Corinne Wilson on 08/08/2019.

2019/2020 Pryde's EasiFeed Dressage Development Squad

Congratulations to the following combinations who have qualified for the Pryde’s EasiFeed Victorian Dressage Development Squad:

* Melissa Taaf Revelwood Martini 
* Jessica Hivon Greenoaks Weltman
* Sharon Atkins Jaybee Aces
* Jane Gordon Freedom R
* Nicole McOwn Silverdene Perfecta
* Allison O’Neill Roseglen Toytown
* Campbell Baxter Wilky Purple Sands
* Sharyn McCombe Yarramee Serendipity
* Kerryn Conners Good Time
* Javais Ham Gladwin
Jordan Smith Khaleesi
Sidney Hoffman Freedom C
Ashley Atwell Champagne Perrier
Michelle Turner Whispering Jye
Bianca Dolly Joyce Degage
Jorja Adams Wildlife 6
Nicole McOwn MP Royal M
Lucy Mc Nutt Thamesbourne Sunsmart
Rachelle Wilson SPH Donner Cara
Rachelle Wilson CJP Winchester
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