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Posted by Corinne Wilson on 28/05/2021.

Further update from the Victorian Government - 7-day State-wide Covid Circuit Breaker

28 May 2021

The Victorian Government has now updated the DHHS Coronavirus website and have a list of FAQs for sport:


The updated advice includes the following:

You may travel only 5km from your home to exercise. Can I go horse riding?

You can go horse riding for the sole purpose of exercising and keeping your horse healthy. This applies to horse owners and people agisting a horse at a property.

Riding a horse within 5km from home, without the use of facility, is allowed.

This does not apply to riding schools, or recreational horse riders, and other forms of horse-riding that require the use of an equestrian centre.

You can travel more than 5km from your home to take care of your horse or other animals, but you should only travel as far and take as long as is absolutely necessary.

What does professional sport mean?

A professional athlete is someone who:

  • performs their sporting activity in an open-aged national or international competition
  • is contracted to an employer (for example, a professional club) to perform that sporting activity as their primary source of income
  • is a National Institute Network Scholarship holder derives regular and meaningful employment from competing in their sport

The professional nature of these sports means that there are additional processes and resources in place to ensure that players and officials conduct activities in a safe way that reduces the risk of COVID-19 transmission. This is why professional teams and sportspeople are currently allowed to undertake more activities than community sports.


Coaches and trainers are not considered authorised workers. 

Coaches and trainers must work from home and use online and video conferencing facilities to deliver their coaching and training. The exception to this rule is if the coach/trainer is providing services to a rider/s already within their household. 

For the full list of authorised providers and workers, please see the DHHS Coronavirus website:


We will continue to provide updates as more information comes to hand.

Stay safe and take care, 

Matthew Brown


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