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Posted by Corinne Wilson on 08/07/2020.


Yesterday KordaMentha released their report into the administration of Equestrian Australia.

The Administrators report has made it clear that the votes of Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia and New South Wales will not count because our members are no longer creditors with EA. Having renewed your membership, you are now members of Equestrian Australia in Administration.

This means that 73% of Equestrian Australia’s membership WILL NOT have a valid voice in the future of the sport.

To be clear:

  • The KordaMentha report clearly shows that EA is solvent with net assets of more than $1.8m. The Equestrian Victoria Board regards the whole administration process to be unrelated to insolvency and will waste more than $250k of members' money.
  • It is evident that the Administration process is being used to drive constitutional change. EV supports constitutional reform, but in a methodical and engaged way that ensures change is for the better. 
  • Clause 2.5.2 (Page 6) states that: “Members of EA whose membership period expired on 30 June 2020 no longer have a claim in the Administration” therefore EV members’ votes will only be used for the purpose of understanding your views, they will not formally count.
  • Only Queensland, Western Australia and Northern Territory members will get a vote, that means only 27% of the Equestrian Australia memberships votes will count. 
  • KordaMentha and the remaining 4 EA Directors are denying votes to Victoria and other states based upon a technicality. This is not fair or equitable, unfortunately, our only way to make this process fair is by taking court action, a step we don’t want to take.

KordaMentha is asking you to participate in a non-binding plebiscite, we know you, our members, would like to be heard. Therefore if you choose to participate we recommend you vote to support the DOCA developed by the 5 states. Resolution 4 combined with our model for future voting at EA provides a voice for members, disciplines, coaches and states. EV’s recommendation is that you exercise your vote as per below.

Resolution 1 – AGAINST
Resolution 2 – FOR
Resolution 3 – FOR
Resolution 4 – FOR
Resolution 5 – AGAINST
Resolution 6 – AGAINST
Resolution 7 – AGAINST
Resolution 8 – AGAINST
Resolution 9 – FOR

The resolutions can be viewed here:

We continue to work in the best interests of the whole membership, and we encourage you to stay engaged with us, as we keep you updated.

CHAIR - Equestrian Victoria

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