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Posted by Corinne Wilson on 10/09/2021.



Following the announcement made by the Premier, Mr Daniel Andrews earlier this week, the COVIDSafe Settings for Regional Victoria have been eased.  These changes took effect from 11:59pm, Thursday 9 September 2021. 

However, for Metropolitan Melbourne the stay-at-home directions and curfew remain in place. Please refer to the Coronavirus website for the full detail of the COVIDSafe settings:

The information below is an update following further information received this afternoon.


Metropolitan Melbourne – Community Sport, Exercise

  • Physical recreation and community sport is not permitted in metropolitan Melbourne.
  • Outdoor activities, such as riding your horse, are allowed without the use of a facility (equestrian centre) within the 5km and 2-hour limits.
  • You can travel more than  5km from your home to take care of your horse (animal welfare), but you should only travel as far and take as long as is absolutely necessary.  We recommend you carry proof of the need to care for your horse if you are travelling beyond 5km from your home.
  • You cannot leave your house during the curfew for exercise.
  • You can exercise with one other person, plus dependants, as long as you both do not travel more than 5km from your home. Please ensure you keep at least 1.5 meters distance between you and follow previous hygiene requirements. 

Regional Victoria (Excluding Greater Shepparton) 

Community Sport

The intent of the restrictions is to MINIMISE THE MOVEMENT AND GATHERING of people to stop the spread of COVID 19. Training can be conducted but only WITH THE MINIMUM number of people required to train. There should be no spectators, and you should GET IN. TRAIN. GET OUT and not stay longer than is necessary to train.

  1. Community sport is open for training only, and only at outdoors facilities. Competition is not permitted. Indoor facilities remain closed. 
  2. Community sport is classified as an activity under the organisation or jurisdiction of a club or association. 
  3. Outdoor training is permitted outdoor only with the minimum number required to train (there is no group limit). Subject to a DQ of  1 person per 4 sqm
  4. Spectators are prohibited except one parent permitted to supervise children

Physical Recreation

  1. Physical Recreation activities have stricter limits that include:
    – maximum of 10 per group
    – maximum of 20 at a facility (with a density quotient of 1 per 4sqm) – the facility includes the entire space

Community Facilities

  1. Club/community indoor facilities can only be accessed to retrieve equipment, toilets or canteen. There is to be no gathering inside club facilities.
  2. Outdoor physical recreation facilities – are open with a maximum capacity of 20 per facility. Outdoor community recreation facilities can open for up to 20 people per facility. Large outdoor facilities, such as golf courses, are not subject to the 20 person cap as long as each group of no more than 10 can stay at least 50m apart and follow previous hygiene requirements.
  3. Canteens can only operate if they are a stand-alone Food & Beverage venue, independent of the club activity. If they are, they must comply with Food & Beverage restrictions, i.e. 10 inside at any one time and 20 outside, takeaway service only.

COVID Check In Marshals

  1. Under the COVIDSafe directions, organisers have a duty of care to ensure that only those permitted attend. QR Code and a COVID Check-in Marshal are required whenever a facility is operational and must ensure that all persons Check in with the QR code and no one is attending from a restricted area (eg Metro Melbourne). (If there is no clear physical entrance, best endeavours for mandatory QR code check-in is required as a minimum). Please ensure you use Victorian Government QR Code Service for your equestrian activity.
  2. Participants from metropolitan Melbourne and Greater Shepparton are not permitted. This is to keep regional Victorians safe from the current outbreak of COVID-19 in metropolitan Melbourne and Greater Shepparton and to help keep regional Victorian businesses and facilities open. 

We will continue to provide updates as more information comes to hand. Stay safe, take care, enjoy your riding.


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