EA Stallion Safe Practice Guidelines

29 March 2018 News Update by Equestrian Australia:

Following the recent release of the new stallion rules, there has been a necessary amendment required.

After feedback from our members and consultation with the ACCC, the need for stallion owners to only purchase EA branded bridle holders and halter discs has been removed. However, if members do choose to source their own, they need to ensure they are compliant, as stipulated in the policy.

The rule regarding the wearing of appropriately coloured and visible bridle numbers will remain.

You can read the updated News story on the EA website: http://www.equestrian.org.au/news/new-rules-and-identification-ea-regist...


Stallion Safe Practice Policy: Updated 29 March 2018 - effective 1 July 2018

View the Stallion Safe Practice Policy

Stallion Discs are available for purchase from the Equestrian Australia National Office.  Policy details and how/what to purchase information available on the EA website: http://www.equestrian.org.au/stallion-safe-practice-policy


Please send your order form direct to Whitney in the EA National Office:  [email protected]