Horse Registration

If Registration forms are not filled in correctly and completely - this includes ALL whorls, scars, markings and coat colouration) the form will be returned to you without being processed. It is in your best interest to make sure you are identifying your horse correctly.

Please ensure, before you send in the form, that the following information is complete. Incomplete or incorrect work will be returned.

  • All owners MUST be financial Competitor Senior, Competitor Junior, Participant Senior, Participant Junior, Commercial or Suppporter.
  • All horses MUST be Microchipped to Australian Standard.
  • A copy of the Microchip Certificate is attached or the Declaration & Signature of Vet be completed on the horse registration application form. If submitting online, please upload this document or email/post the document.

  • All owners MUST sign the declaration form.
  • Please ensure that there is a contact telephone number on the form in case we have any queries.
  • Horse names must be unique. You cannot use the same name as another horse nor can you change the spelling slightly or use a variation of the same name e.g. Black Beauty and Blak Beauty. Owners of horses previously registered using initials or Prefix's can continue to register horse using these initials or prefix's. New owners wishing to register horses using initials or prefix's will be assessed on application.
  • The form allows for five name choices. Your application for horse registration may be declined if you do not supply 5 name preferences. You can search horse names on the website here

Do not leave it until the day before your competition to register your horse. Please allow 1-2 weeks to receive your horse papers back.

You can now register horses online, please see the link below. You must have Java to complete this application.

Online Horse Registration

Horse Registration Form

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