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Posted by Corinne Wilson on 07/11/2019.

Election of Elected Directors to the EV Board

Equestrian Victorian Membership
FROM: Matthew Brown, CEO, Equestrian Victoria

Please be advised that nominations for Directors of the Equestrian Victoria (EV) Board closed at 5pm on Monday 4 November 2019.

I can confirm that Equestrian Victoria received two (2) nominations for the two director vacancies advertised to the membership. The nominations were from:

  • Siobhan Belmore and
  • Michelle Heagney

Equestrian Victoria Constitution Clause 27 (c) (i) states that, if: 

“the number of nominations received for the Board is equal to the number of vacancies to be filled…then those nominated shall be declared elected at the Annual General Meeting by the Returning Officer.”

Subsequently, the two nominees shall be declared elected at the EV Annual General Meeting on Monday 11 November, 2019, for a period of two (2) years, consistent with Clause 26.4 of the EV Constitution.

Included with this communication is a link to the information prepared by the nominees In support of their nomination. 




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